[reportlab-users] Font Licencing ( was "how to use font Verdana?")

Ian Sparks reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Fri, 30 Apr 2004 09:43:15 -0400

>You should of course only do this if you have the proper written
>permission from Microsoft's legal and licensing people
>etc. etc.  I expect there is a standard Open Source Verdana
>substtute somewhere..


What exactly is the situation with licencing of Microsoft fonts for =
embedding in PDFs? I did some googling but it didn't really become =

It looks to me as though Microsoft allows embedding of their fonts for =
Display purposes (e.g. in PDF's) but not for "Installation". i.e. you =
can distribute the font embedded in your PDF so that it will look right =
but you can't provide the font in a form that the recipient could use to =
create their own documents.

But I couldn't find that in black and white. This post :


Is where I drew these conclusions but I can't find anything at =
Microsoft.com that spells it out explicitly.

You've been dealing with this kind of thing for a while, any pointers?

- Ian.