[reportlab-users] Pantone/HKS in RLTK ?

Oliver Bleutgen reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Tue, 11 Nov 2003 12:11:14 +0100

Robin Becker wrote:
> In article <3FAFB8AB.2010800@arche.de>, Michael Geddert
> <geddert@arche.de> writes
>>Is it possible to set Fonts on a given Canvas-Object using
>>Pantone/HKS-Color-Schemes ?
>>I was pointed to "spotcolors" (ok, I found 'spotname' lib/colors.py), 
>>but it seems I'm unable to figure this out on my own. :(
>>Thx & Regards,
> ....Spotnames are currently only of use in some contexts particularly
> postscript. We have a separating eps renderer that allows printers to
> split up into different inks correctly. It is possible to do separations
> in PDF with separation dictionaries and pages represented N times (once
> for each ink), but we don't currently have any way to do that.
> However, a first step along that road would be to know the individual
> colours up front.
> We currently have only RGB & CMYK colour spaces. There are many Pantone
> colours and each has its own approximant in CMYK or RGB.

Well the problem with pantone/HKS colors is that they contain also such things
as Silver, Gold etc., "special colors" for which a good  quality approximation
is not possible with the CMYK printing process.
One way to solve this is to make a seperate document containing only these "special colors".