[reportlab-users] Can not print generated document on HP Laserjet 4100DTN

Andy Robinson reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Mon, 16 Jun 2003 06:49:48 +0100

> Hello !
> My Name is Andreas Martin and I just started to use the reportlab pdf
> generation functionality. I have a problem with printing my document on
> a HP Laserjet 4100DTN postscript printer. 

This will probably be a bug in either (a) our own PDF generation
or (b) HP's postscript printer driver.  Can you either
send me the PDF document so I can try it through Distiller,
or (if you have access to a full copy of Acrobat) run it
through Distiller?  If that works then it is (b).

Also, try commenting out all the bitmap images used and 
see if it works then.  

We had one bug a few months ago at a customer site where
a particular GIF caused HP printers to do what you say,
but others were fine.  Opening and resaving the GIF in
an image editor fixed it.  So it seemed the HP driver
was less tolerant of non-standard images than others.


Andy Robinson