[reportlab-users] acrobat reader not printing pdf files with images generated with reportlab

Marek PÍtlicki reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Thu, 14 Aug 2003 10:57:37 +0200

> I am using reportlab for generating some pdf files. Previously I was using 
> Python 2.2.3 and all was fine. Recently I switched to Python 2.3 and now 
> the generated files containing images are not printing on a PS printer. 
> It gives error:
>   ERROR: undefined    __
>   STACK:
>   /A85
>   filetype
>   --nostringval--
>   --nostringval--
>   savetype

I've got the same problem with other version of Python (2.2.2), 
ReportLab (1.17) and printer (Xerox). When switched the Language Level 
option in Acrobat Reader print settings dialog to 1 or 2 the problem 
dissapears. YMMV however, the problem is strange, because the very 
problem appears in AcrobatReader in Linux (same workaround) and in gv, 
which has problems in the stage of postscript generation/analysis 
(replacing pdf2ps with pdftops in gv config seems to fix the problem 

best regards

Marek PÍtlicki