[reportlab-users] acrobat reader not printing pdf files with images generated with reportlab

Marek PÍtlicki reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Thu, 14 Aug 2003 10:50:05 +0200

> I am using reportlab for generating some pdf files. Previously I was using 
> Python 2.2.3 and all was fine. Recently I switched to Python 2.3 and now 
> the generated files containing images are not printing on a PS printer. 
> It gives error:
>   ERROR: undefined    __
>   STACK:
>   /A85
>   filetype
>   --nostringval--
>   --nostringval--
>   savetype

I've got the same problem with other version of Python (2.2.2), 
ReportLab (1.17) and printer (Xerox). When switched the Language Level 
option in Acrobat Reader print settings dialog to 1 or 2 the problem 
dissapears. YMMV however, the problem because the very problem appears 
in Linux and ghostscript filters, too).

best regards

Marek PÍtlicki