[reportlab-users] Document options - Fullscreen (DisablePrint possibly?)

Ury Marshak reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Tue, 12 Nov 2002 23:28:57 +0200

Andy Robinson wrote:

>     canvas.showFullScreen0()
> The trailing zero indicates it is still experimental, which 
> is an accidental oversight as I decree it to be a 'good' API.
> I will make it official by adding 'showFullScreen' and keeping 
> 'showFullScreen0' as an alias for compatibility.

Great, now just to figure out how to get to the canvas when
using platypus. It seems that canvas becomes available
only in PageTemplate. Or maybe I shall invent some ActionFlowable
that will call that method on its canvas.. Hmm, it seems as
another good property for a possible future 'Story' class.

> No, it's a hook for our commercial product which does that
> very well :-)  Wwe have to make money somehow and felt that
> enrcyption was a 'commercial' feature.

This is fair, encryption definitely belongs in the 'commercial'
package. It's just that since 'NoPrint' feature in any case is based
on a honor system, it's a somewhat questionable design decision
on Adobe's part to link it to encryption. Probably they just wanted
to make it a bit harder to write an 'unprotect' tool.

Anyway, I just thought of another possibility. It would be enough
for me if I was able to print in large bold letters 'Do not show
this to John Doe' on the printed version. Reading through the
spec I found that there are flags for annotations that allow that. 
So, does this look feasible, and are there some examples of
using annotations?