[reportlab-users] Document options - Fullscreen (DisablePrint possibly?)

Andy Robinson reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Sat, 9 Nov 2002 13:33:18 -0000

> Is there a sanctioned way to specify document options,
> such as opening the document in FullScreen view?


The trailing zero indicates it is still experimental, which 
is an accidental oversight as I decree it to be a 'good' API.
I will make it official by adding 'showFullScreen' and keeping 
'showFullScreen0' as an alias for compatibility.

> The other option I'd like to be able to set is to disable
> printing of the document. (I'm absolutely not interested
> in strong security here, it's intended as a hint to the
> user that she is trying to print the wrong document)
> But from what I'm reading in pdf spec it seems that
> I need to encrypt the document to use that. So the
> question is if ReportLab allows that. There seems
> to exist some support for encryption in pdfdoc,
> is it really working or is it only a preparation for the
> future?

No, it's a hook for our commercial product which does that
very well :-)  Wwe have to make money somehow and felt that
enrcyption was a 'commercial' feature.  AFAICT you have to put 
either an owner or user password on the document before you can
toggle off printing.

We just started a site update yesterday and the info may
be a bit fragmented. Full eval copy and manual are in
our new evaluation download here:


- Andy