[reportlab-users] print on non-text-capable printers from DOS software

Luc Saffre reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Tue, 12 Nov 2002 08:57:12 +0200

  I wrote a little tool which converts a text file containing Epson LQ 
control characters into a PDF file.
Because I am maintaining a DOS accounting application. The DOS 
application thinks that it is printing to an Epson LQ printer, but the 
printer output is redirected to a file, and then I run prn2pdf.py to 
create a PDF file and run Acrobat Reader.

The two possible applications of this system are
(1) use a non-text-capable printer to print accounting reports from a 
text-only DOS application
(2) store big listings on a CD-ROM instead of printing them out
prn2pdf.pyjust checks for LQ control sequences and translates them, 
converts the encoding of remaining text from codepage 437 to latin-1, 
then renders the text using the standard Courier font which is the only 
monospaced standard font in PDF files.

source code of prn2pdf.py at

Thanks to the Reportlab team for their work and to the Reportlab 
managers for deciding to make it GPL.
Luc Saffre