[reportlab-users] print on non-text-capable printers from DOS software

Andy Robinson reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Tue, 12 Nov 2002 07:11:25 -0000

> source code of prn2pdf.py at
> http://my.tele2.ee/lsaffre/comp/prn2pdf.htm
> Thanks to the Reportlab team for their work and to the Reportlab 
> managers for deciding to make it GPL.
> Luc Saffre

This looks very neat, thanks!  If you have a nice page of output
to show some formatting capabilities, that would be even cooler;
some people may be interested to adapt the approach to other
printers even if they do not have an LQ.

Would you mind amending your page to say just "Open Source" instead 
of a specific license?  Quite a large group of people would be angry 
if they thought it was GPL, and most Python software isn't.

The GPL can be quite a 'commercial license'. It is often used to say
"if you want to use this in your commercial product, you have to come 
back and negotiate a separate license with me". That is how MySQL and 
many other firms made money.   The Python license, and FreeBSD/LGPL etc,
are genuinely free in that you can do pretty much anything you
want, and our users do.  When the Python license got complicated,
we surveyed them all and picked the one with the least words.

If-it-was-GPL-I-might-be-rich-by-now'ly yours,

Andy Robinson