[reportlab-users] Flowing Text Around a paragraph.

Harald Lux reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Mon, 4 Nov 2002 00:16:22 +0100

Sonntag, 3. November 2002, 22:01 robin@reportlab.com wrote:

>            def draw(self):
>                    I, P, xoffs, hI, canv = self.I, self.P, (self.width-self.wI-self.xpad), self.hI, self.canv
>                    I.drawOn(canv,xoffs,self.height-hI)
>                    # P.drawOn(canv,0,0)
>                    P.drawOn(canv,0,max(hI-P.height,0))

I changed P.drawOn so that if (P.height < hI)
image and paragraph begin in the same line.

(Example output: http://www.lux.de/div/test2.pdf)

So I'm only left with the problem how to let more than one paragraph flow
around the image.

> ....... Not as it stands, but then the way to do that would be to have a
> special frame.

How would a special frame help me here? One Frame on the right for the
Image and two text frames (left and below the Image)?


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