[reportlab-users] Flowing Text Around a paragraph.

Robin Becker reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Sun, 3 Nov 2002 14:08:44 +0000

In article <836726132.20021103132120@lux.de>, Harald Lux <info@lux.de> writes

Well I hacked this up mostly from memory. It seems to work for my simple
test case, but I have not tested with splitting and other horrors.

class ParagraphAndImage(Flowable):
        '''combine a Paragraph and an Image'''
        def __init__(self,P,I,xpad=3,ypad=3):
                self.P, self.style, self.I, self.xpad, self.ypad = P,P.style,I,xpad,ypad

        def wrap(self,availWidth,availHeight):
                wI, hI = self.I.wrap(availWidth,availHeight)
                self.wI, self.hI = wI, hI
                # work out widths array for breaking
                self.width = availWidth
                P, style, xpad, ypad = self.P, self.style, self.xpad, self.ypad
                leading = style.leading
                leftIndent = style.leftIndent
                later_widths = availWidth - leftIndent - style.rightIndent
                intermediate_widths = later_widths - xpad - wI
                first_line_width = intermediate_widths - style.firstLineIndent
                P.width = 0
                P.blPara = P.breakLines([first_line_width] + int((hI+ypad)/leading)*[intermediate_widths]+[later_widths])
                P.height = len(P.blPara.lines)*leading
                self.height = max(hI,P.height)
                return (self.width, self.height)

        def split(self,availWidth, availHeight):
                P, wI, hI, ypad = self.P, self.wI, self.hI, self.ypad
                if hI+ypad>availHeight or len(P.frags)<=0: return []
                S = P.split(availWidth,availHeight)
                if not S: return S
                P = self.P = S[0]
                del S[0]
                style = self.style = P.style
                P.height = len(self.P.blPara.lines)*style.leading
                self.height = max(hI,P.height)
                return [self]+S

        def draw(self):
                I, P, xoffs, hI, canv = self.I, self.P, (self.width-self.wI-self.xpad), self.hI, self.canv
>that's exactly the way I need it ...
>> since we can specify varying line lengths for the first k lines
>> and the combined flowable can then place the image.
>Up to day I used only only existing flowables so it would be nice and
>helpful if you could give me an example?

Robin Becker