[reportlab-users] RE: XML editing

Andy Robinson reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Fri, 5 Jul 2002 15:08:43 +0100

Permit me to introduce two lists to each other :-)

Background for everyone: I gave a talk on Python to the
British Computer Society OOPS SIG on Wednesday.  ReportLab
was supposed to be a minor footnote but various people
there are playing with PythonPoint with a vengeance.
If any of the Mac users in the reportlab group can give Immo
and Malcolm pointers to decent XML editors, it would be
most welcome!

For Immo and friends:  Alexandre Fayolle is on this list
and pounds on me regularly to incorporate a preprocessor
in PythonPoint, and I fail to find the time.  We've also
got the possibility to use our pyRXP parser to validate
PythonPoint docs, even if we don't rewrite PythonPoint
to take advantage of it.    And Dinu Gherman is writing
really cool ReportLab GUIs for Mac OS X.

(Are you planning an upgrade to Mac OS X?  it seems to
me a more fruitful place to invest effort in Mac GUIs).

Best regards,

Andy Robinson

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> From: Immo Huneke [mailto:Immo@Huneke.Co.UK]
> Sent: 05 July 2002 14:33
> To: Andy Robinson
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> Subject: XML editing
> Hi Andy,
> I've looked in vain for a truly portable (i.e. at least
> Linux, Windows and
> Macintosh) XML editor that's also free or very cheap. Have you any
> recommendations?
> I have found two packages that are written in Python:
> XED (from Henry Thompson's group at Edinburgh University)
> XMLtools (from Alexandre Fayolle at
> http://www.logilab.org/xmltools/ )
> Unfortunately neither one seems to run under MacOS, as they
> rely on the GDK
> and/or GTK libraries. Infuriatingly, the xmltools
> installer, written in
> Python, actually runs successfully! It seems to use some
> kind of "native"
> GUI that works in all Python environments.
> There are a couple of payware apps that are MacOS native.
> The only freeware
> one I found was SixPack
> (http://www.trafficstudio.com/sixpack/) but it is
> next to useless as a validating editor, as it can't even
> parse DTDs, let
> alone Schemas. In any case, the UI is about as lovable as a skunk.
> There are also a number of Java XML editors. I found only one editor
> compatible with Apple's JDK version 1.1.8: VisualXML by Pierre Morel
> (http://www.pierlou.com/visxml/), which is about three years old.
> Unfortunately I cannot work out how to invoke VisualXML
> under MacOS (Apple
> supplies a MacOS Runtime for Java, but there's nothing
> equivalent to the jre
> application, so you can't pass it a classpath, JAVA_HOME or
> command-line
> arguments).
> NB lists of editors that I found are at the following locations:
> http://www.garshol.priv.no/download/xmltools/cat_ix.html#SC_

Help appreciated! For the time being, I will make do with the 16-day
evaluation of ElfData's imaginatively named XML Editor

Best regards,