[DogParkList] MacLoggerDX V 5.02 Beta 7

David Ferrington, M0XDF M0XDF at Alphadene.co.uk
Wed Feb 25 18:30:16 EST 2009

On 25 Feb 2009, at 23:23, Don Agro wrote:

>> Hmmm - I would have thought it was pretty obvious that if one

>> drags, it moves and when one stops, it stops. Perhaps I'm wrong or

>> assuming too much?

> I think you are assuming too much. I prefer it to snap back to a

> known state but that's just me and I'm not the one who has to answer

> to the users... Oh wait - I am the one who has to answer to the

> users :)

OK, after a little effort, I've got it to stop spinning, but slowing
it down until it stops, it's not instant, but not bad. Still find the
movement to drag ratio a little to course, a little movement makes it
spin quite a lot.

>> And the faster you drag, the faster it spins - although right now,

>> the spin to drag ratio is a little high for me.

> Right now the FURTHER you drag, the faster it spins. If you only

> drag a bit it spins VERY slowly - very cool in full screen mode -

> nice touch: the spin rate transfers between full screen mode and

> application mode seamlessly.

Yes ok, my mistake, it is the further you drag.

>> Returning to station or spot on mouse button release is ok I guess,

>> since this about seeing the path and not seeing where everything is

>> that you've worked. If your intention is that we will be able to

>> see all our logged QSO's, then I think you'd have to find a way of

>> leaving the globe where we left it.

> What logged QSO's ? - there are only two markers there right now -

> station and spot.

Yes, but I was kinda hoping :-)

>> I'd prefer not to go back to using Caps Lock to hold it in place

>> though!

> V4 didn't continue to animate. It either snapped back or stayed

> where you put it - no continuous animation - this is a different

> program.

That is very true - this is better, just takes getting used to it.

73 de M0XDF, MLDXv5.02b7

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