[DogParkList] Band plans

n1zj n1zj at att.net
Tue Feb 10 09:26:21 EST 2009

Thanks Don,

I guess each of us has a different style and, as you point out, a
basic trade-off is flexibility vs. ease of use.

> BTW if you haven't figured it out yet - the band plan files are

> still there in the Application Bundle Resources folder. You can

> still edit them in exactly the same way as in V4, it's just that

> most of my customers won't want to. - just remember to back it up

> since a new Application bundle will overwrite it.

Great! I hadn't noticed that, but I can work with it. I think that
should let me do what I want to do. I will do a systematic QA job on
it and send you the results. Might take a few days.

John, N1ZJ

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