[DogParkList] MacLogger v5 not on 10.4?

David Ferrington, M0XDF M0XDF at Alphadene.co.uk
Sat Jan 24 19:22:18 EST 2009

AH - G3 :-)
No I'm not suggesting you throw any hardware away. And you say
perfectly working G3, I'm sure of it, one of the good things about Mac
- you can normally run later OS on older machines and 100s do . There
are many still running OS9!

But there comes a point where the vendor can no longer afford, in
time, cost or stability (perm 2 from 3), to continue to support an
older technology and they have to make the decision to only support
later models. G3 was a big breakpoint.

You don't need to buy more software or later hardware - but you then
find yourself on an edge, the software vendor may not support or fix
bugs in an older version, you may not be able to repair or get parts
for your hardware. The choice is of course yours, but you may find
you're excluded from some of the latest software or features because
of that choice.
If you can live happily with not having the latest and (perhaps)
greatest, then that's fine, if you want the latest, you have to keep
up with releases etc and I'm afraid, that costs money, every time.

Pity really, up until late last year, my XYL had used a great
solitaire game written in 1988, on a G4 with Classic. But 10.5 no
longer supports classic, so we didn't upgrade that particular mac.
Luckily, I found a new version that was written for 10.4+.
Unfortunately, you are not in so lucky a position.

At least we aren’t in the position of Wintel users who HAVE to upgrade.

If the tools are essential for you, I'd expect them to be essential
for others too and therefore some route available to you.
Please, I don't want to be rude, but if they are essential for you,
you need to consider if they are essential enough to upgrade - if you
don't feel so, then they aren’t that essential.

I've been waiting 3 years for a cocoa MLDX and felt it essential to
upgrade to v5 - even though there is still some work to be done. An
early adopter accepts this as part of being on the leading (some say
bleeding) edge.

And MacBook just came down in price, now is a good time to buy, IF you
have some cash.

Either that wallpaper goes, or I do. - last words of Oscar Wild

On 24 Jan 2009, at 23:56, Fokko wrote:

> At 22:45 +0000 24-01-2009, David Ferrington, M0XDF wrote:

>> Don't want to be negative, but I think you'll find the majority on

>> people using something that can run 10.4 are up to 10.5.


> Well, should I throw away my perfect working G3 Notebooks? These

> older machines are perfect for HAM use, and running fine with Cocoa

> modem, and many other apps. All G3 machines can NOt be upgraded to

> 10.5, that's why 10.4 is still very active, including updates from

> Apple.



>> And with Snow Leopard on its way, they are moving higher.


> Only if your hardware allows, and you don't need to buy a lot of new

> software.



>> I'm surprised you're stuck on 10.4 - I would have thought all apps

>> that ran on 10.4 would be able to run on 10.5 or would have an

>> upgrade available now.

>> So what are you using in Adobe that won't upgrade? Photoshop I guess?


> Yes, Photoshop, but also a older CAD (no updates), and tools which

> are essential for me.


> 73, pa0dtl


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