[DogParkList] Notes from the Skunkworks

Don Agro dagro at dogparksoftware.com
Thu Jan 8 17:43:42 EST 2009

Hi David,

On 8-Jan-09, at 5:32 PM, David Ferrington, M0XDF wrote:

> No, please don't forget it and I didn't mean to imply you don't know

> who your customers are, I'm sure you do. If you're counting the

> total number, then I guess that is representative, I'm surprised

> it's as low as 10%, that's all.

Contesters are a small but very vocal minority. Do not underestimate
the passion or ambition of the DX award hunter though. My challenge is
to make MacLoggerDX as useful as possible for both types of user - or
it could be the same user in two different situations.

> I for one certainly would like a contest orientated Control Panel.

Think of it a a first step. Users can operate in DX hunting mode or in
Contest Mode. It opens the door to keeping both camps happy (I hope :)
and to refining each mode for each situation as new updates are

Now back to the original question: "Contesters: Start thinking about
what you would like to see in the Contest data entry panel besides the
obvious: Call, time & date, srx, stx. It should be a superset of what
is needed for all contests but still allow quick tabbing through the
necessary fields."

73 Don Agro VE3VRW

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