[DogParkList] WA1OUI: Problems with mutliple Macs

Michael Steiner wm2f at comcast.net
Tue Mar 4 06:46:49 EST 2008

Hi David,
If you can copy the group or me personally with you setup.
Including your type of radios, interfaces including what driver with
which interface and do you have CocoaModem or any other software that
is accessing USB ports. What exactly are you doing? Are you strictly
one radio connected to one computer. Are you cascading any radios or
I've found MacLogger DX works best with one radio and one computer.
This does not mean that there are not other possibilities you can try
but it may go past the original scope of the program.
Some tools that I use when trouble shooting these issues is Activity
Monitor in the Utilities section of APPS. It will show you any
problems by showing how the processor is being used. Some of the add
on stuff for the OSX is not built very well. Although you can't say
that about Don Argo's. My problems always came along when I started to
go outside the scope of the program.
So send me some info about your setup. Even look at your Activity
Monitor as you start programs. You can always tell the good behaviors
by their low processor usage.
Be specific, lots of detail. How is you're cabling to the computer,
radio and interfaces?

Best 73,
wm2f at comcast.net

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