[DogParkList] Re: time format #2

David Ferrington 2E0XDF at Alphadene.co.uk
Tue Sep 13 05:34:41 EDT 2005

sorry, I posted a previous mail and then saw this one, so its going to get

>> but UTC in 24hr format is standard for amateur radio. Perhaps a
>> choice between 24hr and "use system settings"?
> Perhaps we could ask Apple to rewrite the user interface guidelines ?

So, since its stored in the log as a sequence of numbers (in format hhmmss),
what about an option to display either using the system time format or 'raw'
as it appears in the log? In the prefs pane I would suggest, but I'm not
I'm ok with the date - that¹s quite important, since so many US written
programs use US format, and seem to assume everyone else does too - system
settings for date work well. As does storing in log as yyyymmdd - only easy
way to deal with the sorting anyway.

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