[DogParkList] Re: time format #2

Don Agro dagro at dogparksoftware.com
Tue Sep 13 10:17:29 EDT 2005

Hi David,

On 13-Sep-05, at 5:34 AM, David Ferrington wrote:

> So, since its stored in the log as a sequence of numbers (in format  
> hhmmss),
> what about an option to display either using the system time format  
> or 'raw'
> as it appears in the log? In the prefs pane I would suggest, but  
> I'm not
> fussed.
> I'm ok with the date - that’s quite important, since so many US  
> written
> programs use US format, and seem to assume everyone else does too -  
> system
> settings for date work well. As does storing in log as yyyymmdd -  
> only easy
> way to deal with the sorting anyway.

The log date/time is fixed in ADIF format to speed sorting, the user  
display is determined by your system preferences. This was  
implemented at the request of a number of customers.

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