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Hi David,

On 26-Aug-05, at 4:00 AM, David Ferrington wrote:

> On 26/8/05 1:25 am, "dogparklist-request at dogparksoftware.com"
> <dogparklist-request at dogparksoftware.com> sent:
> not sure if this or Ham-Mac is best place to ask, but I'll start here.
> Would have asked developer, but don't email.
> Just thinking of getting into digital modes and obviously looking at
> cocoaModem, reading about interface to rig.
> I have a microHam for my FT-857 and I know from some  
> experimentation with
> MLDX that I can key PTT via the DATA connector on the back from  
> MLDX (using
> the Keyer). Don't see anything in the manual about using a microHam to
> control PTT.
> Anyone know/use a microHam to do this?

The microHAM interface expects RTS to control PTT and DTR to generate  
the CW.

I use the audio vox built into the SignaLink SL1 to key the PTT when  
transmitting from cocoaModem.


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