[DogParkList] Shuttle Xpress

Laszlo Igali laciga at mac.com
Mon Jul 25 15:57:24 EDT 2005

Dear Don,

It is still a pleasure to use your software, with the continuous  
enhancement and tremendous support, I might add.

I was wondering, if anyone on the list had experience with using the  
Shuttle Xpress jog-dial with your software. I use it mainly for video  
and audio editing, and I noticed the resemblance of the control knob  
to the markV controls.
My question is: is there any better profile than I've made for the  
above control dial, or is there any keyboard equivalent of moving the  
VFO frequency up/down with smaller increments? Please feel free to  
experiment with the inlcuded setting, the jog left/right moves the  
VFO freq down/up, the shuttle zone does up/down with an incremental  
speed (I hope).
Button 1 - split toggle, Button 5- add to VFO stack.

The benefit of this would be to have a good 'remote' for tuning the  
radio (any radio probably), with similar controls you have on the  

The reason for me doing this is that I had to put the radio on the  
top shelf above my desk, and  reaching the controls a little bit  
inconvenient on the long run. The most used VFO shuttle jog dial at  
my fingertips, that would be the icing on the cake....
One more question for Don: Is there also a keyboard equivalent to  
toggle the VFOs (A-B)?
best wishes, 73 de
Laszlo Igali

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