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September 6, 2006


9/11 Truth Breakthrough Weekend in New York City

Friday Sept. 8th through Monday Sept. 11th

Truth activists from around the country will
converge in New York City to call attention to
government deception at the 5th anniversary of
the attacks for 4 days of truth after 5 years of deception.

See full schedule and details at:

Les Jamieson, 718-492-2192 or 917-658-0132
Melissa Ennen, 718-488-0802 or 917-216-8754

Top 9/11 truth authors, researchers, filmmakers
and activists will provide hard facts, historical
context, logical conclusions and solutions we
must pursue now to expose the evidence of government
crimes and cover-up of what really occurred on
9/11/01. It is incumbent upon us during the 5th
anniversary of the attacks to show the facts and
lay out the case which shows that the government's
explanation of 9/11 cannot stand up to scrutiny.

We invite you to attend these events and join the
growing array of media sources reporting on the
9/11 truth movement and the evidence of official
deception about 9/11 these researchers and
activists are advancing.


Friday, Sept. 8 - 7PM
St. Marks Church - 2nd Ave. & 10th Street

9/11 As Pretext For Afghanistan and Iraq Invasions -
Alfons Olzsewski, 9/11 Vets For Truth
Korey Rowe, co-producer of the movie "Loose Change 2"
and Iraq War Veteran Elaine Brower, Member of
"World Can't Wait" with a son currently in Iraq

9/11 and the U.S.-Israeli Master Plan for the Middle East -
Political activist and radio host Ralph Schoenman


Saturday, Sept. 9 - 11:30 am
NYC 9/11 Grassroots Outreach Action

Meet at Union Sq. by George Washington Statue at
south end to pick up literature, then will
disperse to different city locations.

3 pm - 5:30 pm
Community Church - 35th St. between Park & Madison

9/11: Where the Evidence Leads - with author Jim
Marrs, Naval research journalist Barb Honegger,
NY Truth activist and researcher Tom Foti,
Israeli exile and author Barry Chamish, NY State
Senatorial candidate Howie Hawkins, political
activist Sander Hicks, film maker and Oklahoma
City bombing researcher Chris Emery

7 pm - 9:30
New York Stories - with speakers Frank Morales,
William Rodriguez (last survivor), Donna Marsh
O'Connor (family member) and 9/11 First
Responders presentation, "Voices From the Pit"


Sunday, Sept. 10th
The Great Hall at Cooper Union

Press Conference - 11:30am - 12:30 pm
Please RSVP at artisan at gmail.com.

1 pm - 5 pm
9/11 Truth Breakthrough Rally -
Hard Facts, Historical Context, and Logical Conclusions

Education track: Prof. Judy Wood of Clemson,
Jesse Richard of TVNewsLies.com, Ralph Schoenman,
Jim Marrs and investigative journalist Wayne Madsen

Solution track: Dr. Kevin Barrett founding member
of MUJCA.NET (Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance),
Ian Wood, Dr. Faiz Kahn - American Sufi Muslim
Association and co-founder of MUJCA.NET,
Democratic candidate for Congress Florida 15th
District Bob Bowman, Canadian television
journalist Barrie Zwicker, international lawyer
William Pepper, Ralph Schoenman, Wayne Madsen, LA
Truth activist Lynn Pentz, Independent candidate
for  NY Attorney General Carl Person,
NY 9/11 Truth activist Les Jamieson

6:30 pm - 10:00 pm
Progress Report with film maker and activist Alex Jones

Sneak preview of final cut of of "Loose Change"
containing new interviews and research. Comments
by co-producers Dylan Avery, Jason Berman and Korey Rowe.

Special appearance by sensational 9/11
music artist "Immortal Technique"


Monday, Sept. 11th
8 am - 2:30 pm
Peaceful 9/11 Truth Vigil - Ground Zero


Monday, Sept. 11th
4:30 pm
St. Marks Church

9/11 Truth Convergence/Finale -
Food, entertainment, networking


Sponsored by NY 911 Truth, an educational activist
organization working to promote the examination
of alternative research explaining the 9/11 attacks,
promotion of truth, and demand for government
accountability. The organization stands in
solidarity with 9/11 victims families, first
responders, and all who work for a culture of peace
and progress.

See full schedule and details at:

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