[reportlab-users] deprecation warning

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Fri Mar 19 08:10:14 EDT 2021

On 19/03/2021 11:57, Christoph Zwerschke wrote:
>> hours work should fix it adding flake can't make the work any better
> The warnings should also show when you're using an IDE like PyCharm or VS Studio Code. Of course it's difficult to 
> completely cleanup a large legacy code base. One strategy is to just cleanup the code you're currently working on, 
> following the boy-scout rule - always leaving the code behind in a better state than you found it, or to concentrate on 
> one issue at a time, like W605 - you can always filter your flake8 or pylint output for a special warning. You can also 
> exclude less relevant warnings in flake8 or pylint, and concentrate on the more important ones, and then gradually add 
> rules to the config. Another strategy to avoid the formatting related warnings is to use automatic formatting with "black".
> -- Christoph

every new tool adds its own problems I use vim relying on some tool to tell me what to do almost always ends in disaster.

reportlab is one of the longest running projects and has many users. Any changes likely mean breakages.

I think this topic has lasted too long :)

Robin Becker

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