[reportlab-users] JustifyRight in ParagraphStyle

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Thu Mar 18 07:22:19 EDT 2021

Thanks Moshe,

I am sure this ought to be regarded as a bug. The only question is how to fix it and under what circumstance. I assume 
that if we have RTL in the style we ought to deal with the change of direction for the various left oriented things.

I guess we need to deal with enddots, links and underlines for the special case(s), but can I confirm that 'trailing 
dots' in LTR would become leading dots in RTL

so LTR

Robin Becker ...........

would be RTL

........... rekceB niboR

On 17/03/2021 21:25, Moshe Uminer wrote:
> Hi Robin,
> Thanks for taking a look!
> Package versions:
> reportlab==3.5.65
> pyfribidi==0.12.0
> The font used in the repro is Libre David (though the behavior is the same
> with other fonts as well). Downloadable from google fonts here
> https://fonts.google.com/specimen/David+Libre
> Reproduction code:
Robin Becker

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