[reportlab-users] Reportlab issue list

Claude Paroz claude at 2xlibre.net
Sat Jan 16 15:15:08 EST 2021

Le 16.01.21 à 20:54, Robin Becker a écrit :
> On 16/01/2021 19:31, Claude Paroz wrote:
>> There was such a list at https://bitbucket.org/rptlab/issues
>> Do you tell us that this list has been deleted without backup anywhere?
> I did not decide to remove support for the bitbucket area that was done 
> by another agent.

Sorry Robin, this was not meant as a personal accusation. It's not 
against you, but I find it a bit rough to simply erase existing tickets, 
considering the benevolent time spent by many contributors to write 
them. This move might be interpreted as if you don't care about their 
efforts trying to improve Reportlab.

Maybe it's not too late to ask bitbucket for a backup of those ticket data?
Typically, I'd like to read reportlab issue #185 mentioned in this thread:

>>  > For best results ...
>> Do you mean that a mailing list is replacing an issue list, and that 
>> it's better to manage issues?
> yes a mailing list is better. It gives others a chance to discuss / 
> contribute if they wish to and serves as bug reporter, issues list and 
> discussion forum all in one place.

Mmmmh, this sounds again a bit awkward :-) You know that 99% of open 
source projects have issue lists, on which anyone can also discuss and 
contribute if they wish. For example, with a mailing list, how can you 
keep track of the status of reported issues? Browsing each mailing list 
thread one by one to know if the discussed issue is resolved or not?

> At some point we'll probably be forced to move to github and use an 
> inferior VCS which has all the web based features.

Each VCS has strong and weaker features, and when you are accustomed to 
one VCS, it's always difficult to change habits. I can tell you that I'm 
suffering when I have to use Mercurial, not because it is inferior to 
any other VCS, but simply because I rarely use it. So you can tell that 
you prefer using this VCS over that one, but telling that one is 
superior or inferior can sound a bit pretentious.

If you were to decide to use Git at some point and need help, feel free 
to ask. I'm no expert but maybe I could still help.


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