[reportlab-users] Online test in reportlab-3.6.0

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Thu Aug 5 15:17:17 EDT 2021

> Just those failed in the build log, they should be
> ERROR: test9 (test_lib_utils.ImporterTestCase)
> ...
> ERROR: test0 (test_platypus_general.PlatypusTestCase)
> ...
> ERROR: test0 (test_platypus_images.PlatypusImagesTestCase)
thanks for the list. As this is the first python 3 only code I have not used unittest.mock so perhaps it will take a 
couple of days to work out how best to do the mocking.

I have been using python 3.10b4 to do testing up to now. I will try building & testing with rc1 tomorrow.
Robin Becker

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