[reportlab-users] ValueError: no memory after 4GB

Henning von Bargen H.vonBargen at t-p.com
Thu Apr 8 11:16:01 EDT 2021

Shaw, Theodore wrote:
> I'm trying to convert an SVG to a BMP that's about 100,000 pixels by 
> 100,000 pixels. My code looks like

I'm just curious:
WHY do you try to generate such a huge² image?
I mean, practically every image viewer program would fail with OutOfMemory if a user wants to look at this image.
Why don't you just keep the SVG?

Just to demonstrate the dimension:
Say, a colour laser printer uses 600 dpi (which is good enough for photos).
Then printing your image in this natural dpi resolution would result in a 4.2 m x 4.2 m paper...
I really cannot imagine a use-case...


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