[reportlab-users] ValueError: no memory after 4GB

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Thu Apr 8 03:10:08 EDT 2021

On 07/04/2021 19:58, Tim Roberts wrote:
> Shaw, Theodore wrote:
>> issue occurs when the memory consumption exceeds about 4GB. I've checked that I'm using a 64 bit version of Python and 
>> have been able to create large arrays that consume up to 64GB of memory (my total amount of RAM), so it seems like the 
>> issue is specific to reportlab.
> No, it's actually an issue in Windows.  The Windows GDI BMP engine cannot handle bitmaps with coordinates larger than 15 
> bits (32767).
I would expect the error message to be something other than "ValueError: _renderPM.gstate: no memory." if the error 
happens in PIL or windows. Perhaps Theodore was delving into the renderPM.py code to search for the error origin.
Robin Becker

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