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johnf johnf at jfcomputer.com
Thu Jul 25 09:32:18 EDT 2019

To my knowledge this is not a pure python (3 or 2) module that will open 
a PDF for view on the display.  There are of course many programs that 
do as you requested and python can access those programs via the OS.   
As pointed out earlier if you are on Ubuntu there is "evince".  And of 
course there are PDF viewers for other OS's.

I use ghostscript mostly on windows (only because it does a good job and 
has a long history) - but requires that it be installed.  Recently, I 
have been using browsers (they are harder to work with but will display 
a PDF).


On 7/24/19 1:50 AM, Robin Becker wrote:
> Hi Paul,
> The ReportLab toolkit doesn't provide a viewer, but your python3 
> process could open a viewer using eg os.system or the subprocess 
> module. That of course requires you to have a viewer installed in your 
> linux.
> On my ubuntu I can do this inside a python3 script
> os.system("/usr/bin/evince ./z....er/rml/narf/logo.pdf >/dev/null 2>&1 
> &")
> and evince opens in my main display.
> On 24/07/2019 04:31, Paul Henry via reportlab-users wrote:
>> I have used reportlab to generate several pdf files using python3 on 
>> linux.  Is there anyway to use reportlab to view the files once they 
>> are generated? I want to be able to open the file for viewing using 
>> python3 code.
> ........
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