[reportlab-users] Large table with totals in page footer

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Fri Mar 31 06:51:11 EDT 2017

On 31/03/2017 11:29, Tony Middleton via reportlab-users wrote:
> Thank you.  I've now got something working with afterPage and onSplit.
> When I have the code tidied up I'll show it here.
> However, I do have a complication.  The documents I create will have a
> table of approx 7000 rows over 600 pages.  I need to introduce page
> breaks in the table at certain points.  I though there might be a
> pagebreak command in TableStyle but there isn't.  I got round this
> initially by splitting the table into multiple tables with PageBreak()
> between but this messes up my code for page footers.
> Is there a way of forcing page break in a single table or do I have to
> make my code cope with multiple tables?

well done for getting anywhere with this. If you used the split method to grab 
your information then it should be possible to also get it to return an extra 
item if required ie splitting a table is not required to just return tables.

If the requirement is to auto split in some way then the content of the table 
needs to be somewhat active. Putting a PageBreak into a cell isn't going to 
work, but making some content force a split might be possible.

> Regards
> Tony
Robin Becker

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