[reportlab-users] Is it possible to insert mailto address in paragraphs

Alain Aupeix alain.aupeix at wanadoo.fr
Mon Nov 7 03:48:36 EST 2016

Le 03/11/2016 à 11:19, Robin Becker a écrit :
> On 03/11/2016 10:02, Alain Aupeix wrote:
>> Hi, I use reportlab, and platypus Paragraph
>> Is-it possible to insert mailto address in paragraph and how ?
>> I have tried with <link>, but it fails
> Hi Alain,
> I just added this to our test_platypus_paragraphs.py test and it seems 
> to work.
>> This should be a mailto link <a 
>> href="mailto:reportlab-users at lists2.reportlab.com"><font 
>> color="blue">reportlab-users at lists2.reportlab.com</font></a>.
Hi, thanks for the answer, it works fine.
I can't explain why I failed ...

Another question about links, always with same libraries.
I generate pdf of emails, and I insert links for the attachments which 
are saved in the same folder than the pdf.
I success when I give the complete path, but when I just givr the 
filename, if it doesn't fail when creating the pdf, the reader (evince) 
failed to open it, saying it doesn't found it.

That works:

cline="Pièce jointe (cliquable): "+'<link 

That fails:

cline="Pièce jointe (cliquable): "+'<link 
Is-it a bug of reportlab, evince or a system feature ?
Is there another way to do it ?

It seems to be not very important, but my pdf and attachments are 
located in folders which are synchronized between computers and users 
using syncthing, and for users which aren't the creator of the pdf, the 
file links won't then work.


Alain Aupeix
U.buntu 12.04 | G.ramps 3.4.9-1 | H.arbour 3.2.0dev (2016-10-21 05:54) | 
Hw.Gui 2.19-6 (2625)

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