[reportlab-users] Crash on debug builds of python 3.4.3

Mark De Wit mark.dewit at iesve.com
Mon Jan 11 12:41:16 EST 2016


I'm working on embedding Python into my application as a scripting tool.  I have therefore recompiled Python 3.4.3 using Visual Studio 2013, in both debug and release versions.  I have also built the ReportLab 3.2.0 source release from pypi using the same environment.

When running the simplest of ReportLab samples (copy/paste from the user guide), I find that my Python interpreter crashes on shutdown (specifically, when calling Py_Finalize).  The error appears to be a negative reference count on an object in the main Dict.  The release version appears to work ok, though whether this is due to less error checking I don't know... Ignorance is perhaps bliss in this scenario.  Note that this happens both inside my application (embedded interpreter) and the official python shell (python_d.exe crashed at the end of generating the user guide).

I guess my question is - is ReportLabs tested against debug builds of Python?  Is the error genuine or false-positive (it's not too benign, the Python interpreter calls abort() for this fatal error...)?

Kind regards,
Mark de Wit

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