[reportlab-users] Parsing of <table> & ICU wordWrap

Buganini buganini at gmail.com
Sun Nov 15 08:22:16 EST 2015

It tuns out the lower case "helvetica" came from tts2ps() in fonts.py
problem is solved if I change 'helvetica; to 'Helvetica' for
            ('helvetica', 0, 0) :'Helvetica',
            ('helvetica', 1, 0) :'Helvetica-Bold',
            ('helvetica', 0, 1) :'Helvetica-Oblique',
            ('helvetica', 1, 1) :'Helvetica-BoldOblique',
in _tt2ps_map.

since everything in _ps2tt_map is lowered before added, I guess faces
in _tt2ps_map should be in title case.

2015-11-11 19:12 GMT+08:00 Robin Becker <robin at reportlab.com>:
> On 10/11/2015 07:15, Buganini wrote:
>> 2015-11-10 14:45 GMT+08:00 Buganini <buganini at gmail.com>:
>>> Most features I need and most issues I got are sovled and committed.
>>> Here are my demos for these featues/issues
>>> http://tinder.land/static/demo.zip
>>> breaklinesICU still has minor issue that it over measure the width
>>> seems because extra spaces width are counted in.
>> this is (probably) fixed and committed.
> There is a relatively new para-measure-fix branch where I have attempted to
> fix all the measuring errors caused by font size and other changes.
>> My yet another question is, why autoLeading is not max by default? I
>> didn't see any scenario needs autoLeading other than max.
> ......
> in the past whenever we have gratuitously changed any option we receive
> howls of protest. By default leading should be constant as that leads to a
> better overall look for paragraphs. Your application is unusual in wanting
> variable line leading.
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> Robin Becker
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