[reportlab-users] Font Helvetica always used?

ECP Admin easyclasspage at googlemail.com
Tue Jun 16 10:36:17 EDT 2015

Thanks for answering. Yes you are right, the 14 default fonts (including
Helvetica) are always available in every PDF document. So what's the
problem? I have created a PDF document with 3 external fonts. The result is
a document that lists 3 embedded fonts and one (unused) internal font
(Helvetica). I have send this document to a german online printing service (
flyeralarm.de), but the data check complains
and the document was rejected. The reason: Only embedded font are allowed.
Hmm ... perculiar, perhaps a gray area. In my case the Helvetica font isn't
used, so it isn't necessary to include this font. A similar document
without the Helvetica font is accepted. So my question is: Is there any
chance that you only incorporate the really used fonts in the document

Regards Klaus

2015-06-15 19:18 GMT+02:00 Tim Roberts <timr at probo.com>:

> EasyClassPage via reportlab-users wrote:
> > I'm using version 3.1 of the python library and have a question
> concerning the embedded fonts. I only use external (and free) fonts (eg.
> DejaVu) for my documents. These fonts are correctly embedded in the final
> document. But in the font list there is also a font type "Helvetica". I do
> not use such a font. Is this something internal? How to rid of this font?
> Helvetica is the default font for PDF files.  It, along with Times and
> Courier, are part of the PostScript standard and are required to be
> resident in all PostScript devices.  The fact that it is named does not
> necessarily mean it is being used.
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