[reportlab-users] recent changes

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Thu Sep 18 12:29:25 EDT 2014

I have checked in a patch contributed by Viktoras Agejevas  to make paragraph 
strike-throughs and underlines use a strokeWidth proportional to the font size.

His original patch used a fixed value 0.05*fontSize. I have modified his patch 
to make a new rl_setting baseUnderlineProportion=0.0; this setting is used to 
initialize ParagraphStyle default for underlineProportion.

If the value is non-zero you will get underline / strike through thickness equal 
to the paragraph style.underlineProportion*fontSize. If the value is 0.0 as is 
the current default then you get the existing behaviour with the thickness being 
defined by the existing canvas linewidth.

Some other recent changes affect stacked bar charts with negative values; these 
now work properly; barchart bar labels can no have a box anchor value of 'mid' 
to centre the label in the middle of the bar.
Robin Becker

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