[reportlab-users] Umlaut Bug with Adobe Reader and Arial

Volker Haas volker.haas at brainbot.com
Fri May 23 07:23:35 EDT 2014

Am 23.05.2014 12:50, schrieb Robin Becker:
> I tried some options; turning off ascii readability made the problem
> go away.
> Try
> set rl_ttfAsciiReadable=0
> python broken_umlauts.py
> to see what happens. I did some quick checking with an older (2012)
> version of reportlab and can see the problem there as well so this
> isn't related to all the bytes/str changes.
> The difference between set rl_ttfAsciiReadable=0 / 1 is that for
> debugging purposes we want to map the standard ascii characters to the
> first subset in the correct position. That means the default setting
> makes most ttf strings readable in the (and the whole file a bit
> longer). When we have ascii readablity = 0 then we try to subset the
> used characters plus some messing about to preserve space positioning
> which is required for some reason. At any rate a quick fix for modern
> reportlab might be to create a reportlab_settings.py somewhere on the
> python path and put
> ttfAsciiReadable=0
> in it.
> This isn't an answer to the underlying problem, but it may ameliorate
> the effects.
Hi Robin,
thanks for the quick response. I can confirm that the workaround solves
the problem. Thanks a lot for the hint!

Best Regards,

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