[reportlab-users] Umlaut Bug with Adobe Reader and Arial

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Fri May 23 06:03:21 EDT 2014

On 23/05/2014 10:20, Volker Haas wrote:
> Hi,
> I discovered a problem which only occurs under very specific
> circumstances. Umlaut dots are "shifted" notably when using *bold* Arial
> font and viewing the PDF with Adobe Reader (Version 11.0.06 in Windows
> 7). Even more strange is the fact that the rendering is fine when
> magnifying the PDF to 800%. The PDF looks good with other PDF Viewers.
> Rendering was done with the latest reportlab version in Linux(Ubuntu) with the
> attached script (the Arial font was pulled from a Windows Installation).
> I have uploaded the resulting/faulty PDF to http://pediapress.com/files/rl/broken_umlauts.pdf

Volker, I see this problem with 10.1.10 running on Win XP. It doesn't happen in 
evince. I tried creating your test in libreoffice and I can confirm that this 
doesn't happen with their document. It must be some kind of bug in RL.

> I have no idea if this is a bug in reportlab, but I would expect Arial
> to work fine in PDFs in general.
> Does anybody have any thoughts on this? (google wasn't helpful)
> Best Regards,
> Volker

Robin Becker

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