[reportlab-users] positionate flowable in frame ?!

Tamer Higazi th982a at googlemail.com
Thu Mar 27 13:29:24 EDT 2014

dear Andy!
Thank you very much.

Now I start to get the concept.


Am 27.03.2014 10:08, schrieb Andy Robinson:

> Hi Tamer,


> Some basic concepts:


> You don't precisely position things in a frame. If you want to

> precisely position something (e.g. a table), then call wrap() to get

> its size, and draw() to place it exactly where YOU want on the canvas.


> Frames are supposed to consume from a list of content, moving

> downwards automatically, and onto the next page, like a word

> processor. The frame, not you, decides where to position your

> flowables. Usually, just below the previous flowable.


> Now for the details: paragraphs are usually the full width of the

> frame, so horizontal alignment of "the whole object" does not apply.

> But for something with a smaller width, like a table, all flowables

> have a property hAlign. Tables also have a property 'colWidths'. so

> you can do


> myTable.colWidths = [100,50,50,50] #units in points

> myTable.hAlign = 'CENTER' #or 'LEFT' or 'RIGHT'


> and it will be positioned accordingly.



> You will also find it very helpful to read the RML examples and user

> guide on our site. It's a commercial product but the XML tags

> correspond pretty much one-for-one to the underlying Python objects,

> and it's well documented and full of visual examples, so you can see a

> style you like and guess with 90% accuracy what Python properties you

> need.

> https://www.reportlab.com/software/documentation/


> I hope this helps,



> Andy


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