[reportlab-users] ReportLab 3.0 released

Lele Gaifax lele at metapensiero.it
Fri Feb 14 14:02:54 EST 2014

Andy Robinson <andy at reportlab.com> writes:

> I am happy to announce the release of ReportLab 3.0.


> This is an extensive internal rewrite which runs under Python 2.7 and

> Python 3.3+. However, we believe we have preserved the API, so that

> applications should not need changing.

> ...

> Many thanks to Robin Becker who has done the vast majority of the work

> alone on this extremely complex port.

Indeed, kudos!

Just a minor correction, the README.txt (*) says it works with Python
2.5 - 2.7.

Thanks a lot,
bye, lele.

(*) https://bitbucket.org/rptlab/reportlab/src/c0d5cf334170a03a67ac8bc07b52e72e06f8aa81/README.txt?at=default#cl-145
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