[reportlab-users] Styling within platypus flowables

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Wed Feb 5 12:48:52 EST 2014

Brenda, thanks for this. It helped me a lot, and I suspect a few
others who are utterly musically ignorant.

I presume that in these cases, one already has the text broken into
separate lines, as I have never seem poems and song lyrics with lines
so long that wrapping was a problem.

So, Nick, are we looking for magic code which knows enough English to
work out at which character a syllable begins? How would you
arrange the "information structure" at a Python level, before worrying
about how to draw it? e.g. a list of words, some of them having
chords applied at beginning, or end, or character 'n'? If you can
express the 'input' as some list of words, symbols and offsets, I'm
sure people here can come up with a nice way to render it.

- Andy

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