[reportlab-users] Moving to Bitbucket, and development roadmap..

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Tue Mar 26 01:26:42 EDT 2013

> That's *very* short notice... ;-) BTW, could we deprecate reporting bugs

> on this list, except maybe for discussing bugs reported in BitBucket?

Tracker is best but not sure everyone reading this has a Bitbucket
account or wants to create one. If anyone does report a bug to the
list we will certainly add it to the tracker.

> Also, you might consider using py.test over unittest, which is also

> very nice, but not in the standard library.

People also tell me 'nose' is very nice. But it looks to me like the
enhanced unittest in the standard library since 2.7 has copied most of
the really important features: discovery, skipping, module and class
level setup/teardown.

I feel a bit like Homer Simpson seeing all those churches in the Bible
Belt - "I'm bound to pick the wrong one, and then God will just get
madder and madder with me every Sunday...". But if a good
proportion of wise, productive people here all tell me X is better
than Y or Z, I'm happy to give it a try.

- Andy

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