[reportlab-users] Moving to Bitbucket, and development roadmap..

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Mon Mar 25 10:52:43 EDT 2013

Hi everyone,

We had a good look at tox/detox. Very cool tools. It turns out that
our test suite needs some cleanup and refactoring before it will run
with them, and there are bugs preventing it being used with Python
2.5. So I have deferred this one until after our release, but we will
definitely start using it next month on the road to Python 3. (once
the test suite runs with unittest2/discover and more intelligent

I would like to know how people feel the test suite SHOULD work.
Right now, it runs cleanly for us as described in the README - if you
have just installed, and thus compiled the extensions. But I am
conscious a test suite could do many things including

- pure unit tests, runnable anywhere
- tests which produce PDF files which someone will hopefully eyeball,
and which have a lot of teaching value (but may need a configurable
output directory).
- tests which might be skipped sometimes - _rl_accel not compiled,
PIL not present, interwebs not available etc - should you see
something printed, or just an 'S'?

I am wondering if we should break it up a little so that 'setup.py
test' does the minimum, but a separate 'runall/testall' script
actually gave you options, unlike the current one which generates
manuals and takes quite a while.

Finally, if anyone knows of a reproducible bug we have missed, today
is about your last chance to report it before our 2.7 release. Please
use the bitbucket tracker or report it here!

- Andy

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