[reportlab-users] Handling TrueType fonts not allowing subsetting

Dinu Gherman gherman at darwin.in-berlin.de
Mon Jun 17 15:33:12 EDT 2013

Andy Robinson:

> We have seen many of them. It's a designer's choice and if they set

> that flag, we respect it. I think it is probably more about the

> rights to embed the font than to subset it; they want it to be used

> for printed materials but not "distributed" further.

Oh, is that analogous to some famous artists who erect a sculpture in
a public place and try to sue people for taking photographs of it? ;-)

BTW, there seem to be institutions requiring entire fonts to be embedded
in a PDF (probably for data archeology reasons), if I understand this
kind of article correctly:


> Perhaps you should only stick to Open Source fonts where you have the

> right to change the glyphs as well as delete them ;-)

For what it's worth, I've recently discovered a collection of around
800 fonts here (what is probably named Google webfonts), with varying


There seem to be a few quite nice ones (also as TTF)...



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