[reportlab-users] OTF fonts supported by Reportlab?

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Wed Jul 24 05:48:12 EDT 2013

Currently we don't support postscript otf fonts.
Robin Becker

On 23/07/2013 17:48, Tim Roberts wrote:

> Mike Driscoll wrote:


>> After writing a tutorial on fonts in Reportlab, I got a comment asking

>> if OTF fonts are supported. So far, I've found conflicting information.


> OTF files are an odd beast. You can have OTF files that actually

> contain TrueType font data, and you can have OTF files that actually

> contain PostScript Type 2 font data. I know ReportLab supports TrueType

> OTF files. I don't know that it supports PostScript OTF files.



>> While this one says that if the font uses CFF format, Reportlab will

>> spit out an error:


> OTF/CFF fonts were not allowed in PDF files at all until PDF version

> 1.6, and I'm not sure ReportLab supports that.



>> Is there a way to make Reportlab accept this font or fonts like it?


> Submit a patch? ;)


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