[reportlab-users] For Generating Multiple QR code o a pdf

Vaibhav Gajengi vaibhav.gajengi at gmail.com
Sun Dec 22 07:43:56 EST 2013

Hello Tim,

Your help solved my problem its working for me.

Best Regards

On 20 December 2013 22:50, Tim Roberts <timr at probo.com> wrote:

> Vaibhav Gajengi wrote:

> >

> > Thanks for your reply.

> > Yes i tried with the renderPDF.draw(d,canvas,x,y).

> > but my problem is when i am calling the renderPDF.draw for each QRCode

> > it rendering the QRImage on different pages in PDF. my requirement is

> > that i want the qr images on a single page in PDF File.

> > Can i call the renderPDF.draw for multiple times ??

> > or is there is any other way to solve the above problem ??

> > please find attachment for PDF i want to place the qr code in

> > rectangles which i drawn in pdf but the QRCodes are getting drawn on

> > different pages in PDF File.


> There was nothing attached to your message, but you're going to need to

> show us your code somehow. renderPDF.draw should not eject the page. If

> you are calling c.showPage() after each call to draw, then you should

> be embarrassed that you didn't see the problem yourself.


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