[reportlab-users] SVG export in comparison to PDF?

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Sat Aug 10 05:06:59 EDT 2013

PDF's page marking operators to draw curves and lines are fairly short
and terse, and each page gets 'zipped' before saving. The XML
equivalents are horrifically longwinded. So SVG is a bad choice for
images with a lot of detail. My guess is that it's somehow
disk-write-bound. Again, can we know the sizes, and what kind of
machine are you on? We have found that a lot of cloud infrastructures
have very poor disk write performance.

There is also an option to generate PDF files without compression (I
think you pass pageCompression=0 when constructing the canvas). This
would be interesting as it will write out the PDF page marking
operators 'longhand'; otherwise, each page is written out and zipped
before saving. I would imagine the uncompressed PDF will be a few
times bigger.

So please let's have some size data. Also, how long does it take to
display clearly in Adobe Reader, evince or whatever you use to display

- Andy

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