[reportlab-users] MediaWiki's "Download as PDF" feature uses ReportLab but has a problem

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Tue Jan 10 12:50:53 EST 2012

I am sorry to be blunt but it's not about "how to do it", it's about
"who will do it". ReportLab's own small team get exactly zero
revenue from the open source code - the same price we charged
Wikipedia ;-) - and are extremely busy months ahead with client
projects, so we will not be working on this unless we get a customer
project that needs it, or a lot of Asian clients buying RML licenses.
So far we have a couple of customers using Japanese output and have
never had a paying customer using Chinese.

We are, however, very very happy to support anyone in the community
who wants to work on better wrapping algorithms. This is supposed to
be open source code and I hope some users of CJK might be Python
programmers and willing to spend some time. For example if you can
implement the method you suggested, it sounds like an easy addition we
would be happy to review and include.

In the longer term, including third party word-wrap libraries is a
possibility as long as the license terms allow us to stay "open

- Andy

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