[reportlab-users] drawing inside a table

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Fri Feb 25 04:51:54 EST 2011

On 25/02/2011 09:16, Aron wrote:

> Hi


> I have a similar problem: what I want is to put an image inside a cell.


> With

> <td>

> <illustration width="3.8cm" height="2.3cm">

> <image file="[my_image]" x="0.0cm" y="0.0cm" height="2.3cm"/>

> </illustration>

> </td>

> at least the image maintains its proportions, but with a very wide image it

> overlaps into adjacent cells too.



you don't say what dimensions etc etc you have fixed. The above appears to be
like RML, but doesn't show what the column widths are. The illustration also
doesn't appear to be given a width. That would make it very hard to determine
the required column width in any case.

Robin Becker

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