[reportlab-users] drawing inside a table

Aron auryn at wanadoo.es
Fri Feb 25 04:16:31 EST 2011


I have a similar problem: what I want is to put an image inside a cell.

<illustration width="3.8cm" height="2.3cm">
<image file="[my_image]" x="0.0cm" y="0.0cm" height="2.3cm"/>
at least the image maintains its proportions, but with a very wide image it
overlaps into adjacent cells too.

On Jueves 24 Febrero 2011 19:22:16 Brian O'Reilly escribió:

> I have a simple 3" x .75" bar graph that I want to insert into a table.

> I created the appropriate cell in the table to be 3" wide, but the

> drawing overlaps into adjacent cells... what is the trick to getting the

> drawing centered in the cell?


> Kind Regards..


> Brian

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