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I should have mentioned that we are using the simpleWrap method of reportlab.lib.utils (RL 2.4), which provides the same result as Paragraph.wrap for height. In our case, even though the wrap/simpleWrap identifies a height of '0', our paragraph class actually draws on the canvas with a positive size.

-- Richard

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I've noticed this as well. Likely not the best solution, but a quick solution for determining height when your input has blank lines is to substitute a character for the blank line when performing your height check.

for text in texts:
if not text.strip():
check_height('x') # x is dummy character to replace blank line

This will result in each of your samples providing '12' as the result.

Hope this helps,

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I'm looking for a string that takes up space but is invisible for
passing into a Paragraph -- i.e. so the paragraph looks empty but has
positive height. The string "&nbsp;" seems to work for this.

While experimenting with this, I noticed some unexpected behavior.
Both spaces and non-breaking spaces seem to "take up space" when
encoded as HTML entities, and neither takes up space otherwise:

def check_height(text):
para = Paragraph(text, style)
height = para.wrap(300, 300)[1]
print "%s: %s" % (repr(text), height)

texts = [u"spaces:", u" ", u"&#x20;", u"\u0020",
u"non-breaking spaces:", u"&nbsp;", u"&#xa0;", u"\u00A0"]

for text in texts:

This gives--

u'spaces:': 12
u' ': 0
u'&#x20;': 12
u' ': 0
u'non-breaking spaces:': 12
u'&nbsp;': 12
u'&#xa0;': 12
u'\xa0': 0

Unless I'm doing something wrong, it seems like all strings in the
first group should yield 0 and all strings in the second 12.

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